Post scriptum (2022, week 30–31) — Summer edition #2

“We believe that in using modern structural solutions and techniques, mapped against the historical records, that we’ve managed to pare the shrine back to its original form, to show it as it should be shown.” — ABOUT, a Japanese architecture firm led by Tadahiro Butsugan, has renovated a building that forms part of the Mekari Shrine (和布刈神社) in Japan’s Fukuoka prefecture (Photograph by Takumi Ota).

This is the second of three abbreviated Summer editions of Post scriptum with only a handful of recommended reads. If you have time to spare and want more to read, you can always follow me on Twitter.

Planetary homeostasis

“As Carl Jung posited with respect to the psyche, our accelerated evolution into the modern industrial era and beyond has not displaced archaic dispositions still harbored from 2 million years ago. They remain as deeply seated as they are dangerously inapt for the future headed our way. The human brain, evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins has noted, was not built to understand slow, cumulative processes like ecological change. Anciently ingrained instinct simply does not register what looms in the long term,” Nathan Gardels argues in Planetary Homeostasis. (Illustration: Itziar Barrios for Noēma Magazine)
“For biologists exploring the conditions and contexts of life beyond Earth, the planetary whole constructed by these images was fertile ground for theory and experiment. Take James Lovelock and Lynn Margulis’s Gaia theory, which articulated the idea of Earth as a self-regulating organism,” Claire Webb writes in Worlds Beyond Ours. (Photograph by Alice Zoo for Noēma Magazine)

Earth emotions

“In the 20th century, the meaning of nostalgia became more detached from home; instead, it signified a longing for the real or imagined comforts of the past,” Madeline Ostrander writes in The Era of Climate Change Has Created a New Emotion. (Illustration by Katie Martin for The Atlantic)

Falling silent

The West needs to grow up

Post scriptum will be back in two weeks time with a third and final Summer edition, if fortune allows, of course.

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