Random toughts — We always end up where we came from

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Stuck. We all know the feeling. We have tried everything we can possibly think of, and yet it doesn’t work.

“We had this great change program, but in the end, it is still ‘business as usual.’”

“We have been innovating by the book, almost literally, but the result was just another ‘cookie.’”

“We had such high hopes for this new business venture, but unfortunately, it didn’t deliver on its promise.”

“Whatever we try, we always seem to end up where we came from — where we already are.”

These are the kind of things I hear, almost daily. In the end, we blame the change program, the book, the venture’s leadership team. We might even stop trying altogether, because nothing seems to work anyway. Stuck.

But the real problem isn’t the program, nor the book or the team. The real problem lies in ourselves — in what we believe, the assumptions we make, the way we see the world, how we think things work in our industry, our organization.

The answer isn’t very difficult though, but it’s hard work. It requires us to explore our ‘value and belief system’ — ours, those of our team or even the entire organisation. It requires thinking, questioning, and reframing. Hard work, but highly rewarding because it builds the foundations for sustainable change and meaningful innovation. After all, you can’t solve today’s challenges, with yesterday’s logic.

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